Monday, August 17, 2015

First Week First Letter

Today we received our very first email from Jaden. He is doing so well. He sounds so good & really has embraced this mission & is prepared to serve The Lord with all that he has to offer. It is such a blessing to have this experience where you dedicate every minute you are awake to learning & preparing to teach others about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Here is his first letter:

Dear Family!!!

I have learned so much here at the MTC!!! I know for a fact that the church is true and I can say it with such assurance because of all the many things I have learned and the things I've felt. The spirit is so strong here. I've ALMOST cried twice due to the spirit. I've never even come close to crying before. Anyways just to give you the run down of what I do here all day... I wake up at 5:45to shower 45 min before everyone else AND NO SHAWN THERE ARE NO SHOWERS POLES WITH 6 SHOWER HEADS AROUND, THEY ARE CURTAINED OF STALLS, ha. By the time I put my name tag on in the morning most of the 5 other elders in the room are getting out of bed so while they are getting ready I study. Then we have personal study time from 6:45-7:40 then breakfast at 7:45. Then from after breakfast on its go go go, with 2 3 hour classes just in one small classroom with 10 elders, and different role play situations where Elder Bennion (my companion) and I teach one of our teachers. Our teachers are trained to act as real investigators and right now we are teaching them the restoration. We have a TRC where we teach a member who is struggling with something in their life and they come to get a lesson by missionaries here in the MTC! Elder Bennion and I taught this girl, Jenneve, On Saturday and she told her struggle and because of how much this place has changed me I flipped open right to a scripture and Elder Bennion and I taught her for about 30 mins with out any sort of shyness too... suprising huh? I was 100% comfortable. We then go to back to the dorms around 10 then around 10:15 quiet time I right in my journal until lights out at 10:30 and then sleep. On Thursday when we met our Branch Presidency they pulled each of us aside and interviewed everyone in our zone which is about 60 Elders and Sisters to assign all the district leaders and which companionship was to be the zone leaders... to keep the long story short Elder Bennion and I were assigned to be the zone leaders. Its a stressful job but I'm excited. This up coming Wednesday we, the zone leaders and sister training leaders, are welcoming 40 more elders and sisters to the MTC and we are to give them a tour of the MTC and Share our testimonies. Anyways I need to go times pretty much up, but I miss everyone and I am so ready to get out of here. I've only shared a fourth of everything Again, I miss everyone. Love you all.

Elder Stevens

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