Monday, March 28, 2016


President Winder decided that 7 1/2 months was long enough in my first area! I'm now in the Boise East area. My new Comp is Elder Walker, He's 23 but just came out almost 6 months ago! All of my companions have been at least 2 years older than me, other than Elder Meraz (19). It's crazy to think that in 4 months I'm going to be 19, time has flown! I sure will miss my old area in Meridian though! The people were so awesome! the Top 3 hardest to say goodbye to were the Hartley's, Bro. Riley, and the Driskell's, all people who helped me out so much plus others as well. That will be one place I'll have to go back to after the mish or before I go home. It was also hard to say goodbye to Elder Gallano we had a ton of fun together but I know he'll be able to take over the area and help Jesse Vycital and Sergio Espinoza progress to their baptisms. The cool thing about the tiny size of the mission is that we can drive just 20 min and go see our past investigators get baptized! I'm looking forward to the fun that I will have in this new area and then new people I will get to meet! The last baptism in this area was 1 year ago, I hope to change that! The Lord has brought me here for something or someone, I can't wait to find out why! 

I hope you all had a very happy Easter! #helives #hallelujah 

~Elder Stevens

My Hair cut lady, Sister Rice, It was sad leaving them. They weren't in our ward they were in another ward in the stake but they were so awesome!


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