Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hey everyone! 

This transfer has been going by pretty fast, might be due to the work that has arisen. We have been contacting like crazy! We are mostly focusing on the Part-member families. We haven't had any notable success with this but we have had some things come out of the woodwork, just blessings because of our diligence. We have finally been able to sit down with one of our less actives, Mike. Due to some recent situations in his life, it seems he will be coming back to church now! We are now going to be meeting with him twice a week just to check on him and read scriptures with him. The other thing that came out of the woodwork is a family that is now investigating! Finally, my first full family on my mission! This last Sunday there was  young man and his dad that attended church, we recognized that they weren't in church apparel, so it was a dead give away that we needed to talk to them. As soon as Sacrament meeting was over, I had to run over to them because they were headed straight for the doors to leave. Well they were actually headed towards the Bishops office to meet with him haha. We were able to introduce ourselves, and it turns out that the son had been in prison where he attended the LDS branch. His first Sunday out he came to church! What a cool kid. He is on 5 year probation, which means he can't be baptized but his whole family is willing to hear from us! We have an appointment with them for this Wednesday!
As far as our other progressing investigators, they are all doing well. Jesse is ready to be baptized, we are just working on resetting a date with him, which he and Natalie and prayerfully considering. We will find out later on this week at our appointment with them. Sergio is well on his way to finishing the Book of Mormon, and then he will be baptized. We had set the date with him for July 30 so he had time to finish the Book of Mormon, but he is already in Alma! We finished all the lessons so we are just hitting the books like crazy! We meet with him two times a week and we are going to be, strictly, reading only. 
The work is progressing! I love you all!
~Elder Stevens

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