Monday, October 26, 2015


Hi Guys,
This week was pretty normal except for one part, which I'll get to later. This week we found 4 New Investigators this week! As a mission we found 107 new investigators in one week! that was a record high for the mission! Our zone fasted this last Sunday to ignite the area, to help us do better in finding. I think I've fasted most of the Sunday's I've been here haha. Our zone is the 2nd best in finding. It's great to be around hard-working missionaries!
As I said this week was normal, not much that is email worthy, BUT... We found a Golden Investigator named Tom. Tom is 58 and lives in a trailer park. (SIDE NOTE: We found 3 Investigators out of that trailer park) We set up a return appointment with him and that was it when we first met him. When we returned we went out and sat on some lawn chairs. We shared the 1st lesson, he all of a sudden brought up baptism and how his parents always told him he needed to be baptized into a church. So as the spirit directed me I gave my second ever baptismal commitment and it was a yes. I'm 2 for 2 now haha. We then set up a date! He is going to be baptized on Nov. 21!
As we are obedient and always in the service of our Lord, during both hard and easy times, we will be blessed. My mission is SO fun. Love y'all.
~Elder Stevens

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