Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hey Everyone,
This week has been one of the best yet. At the beginning of the week I was nervous since I would become the area leader due to Elder Meraz leaving, but it actually made me a better missionary. I'm not as nervous talking to people I LOVE it actually. I'm always looking forward to the next door or the next person to talk too. As I approach every door anxiousness kicks in, but it's just something I'll have to deal with and overcome. I got my first door slam this week! I take pride in it haha. We went up to the door, a lady answers and her exact response is, with no hesitation, like she has done it a billion times before, saying "Hi what can we do for ya? You're Mormon, we're Catholic, not interested. Bye. *slam*" Elder Castillo and I turned around silently and I said "Well, There's my first door slam." Haha. Elder Castillo Has 2 months left of his mission. He is ready to be home, but it doesn't mean he isn't willing to do work. There are some days where I just have to be enthusiastic and just get him going, It's pretty funny. For example the other day we were driving around, going through a list of Less Active members our ward mission leader, Bro Riley, gave us. So to get Elder Castillo pumped, in the car as loud as I could I kept screaming "I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!" then I'd tell him to yell it... but he wouldn't haha. After every person we contacted I would run back to the car and tell him "Let's GOOOOOO" He'd work a little harder each time. Anything counts.
This week there was a lot of planning that went into the baptism. Pretty stressful. People to call, Places to go, and Bro. Driskell's health was on the decline the day before the baptism! On Friday we had Zone Meeting. During Zone meeting we got a call from Sis. Driskell, She notified us that Bro. Driskell woke up shaking and had a high fever, she was very scared she told me and didn't know what to do. I asked her when she would like us to come over but she told us that she didn't need us. We returned to the meeting. After every Zone meeting the zone goes to lunch, we chose Panda Express, then took it back to a church building. When I sat down to eat Elder Castillo hands me the phone and it's a lady from the Hospice center, Becky, Calls us and tells us that Bro. Driskell is on the decline and is going to die soon. She told us that we need to do the baptism right then on that day. So after I hung up I called Bishop Newby and told him all about what was going on and to be on standby if the Driskell's wanted to do the baptism that day. After him I called Elder Meraz and told him as well then told him to meet us at the Driskell's. We then went and and got in the car and called Sis. Driskell and told her we were on the way. When we arrived Bro. Driskell was hooked up to his oxygen and in bed with his fever still high. It was scary and spiritual all at the same time. We started reading Joseph Smith-History, when Elder Meraz and his new companion arrived from Boise. We continued on with the scriptures and then prayed. After 3 hours Bro. Driskell got up and was walking around, we left and later got a call that he was eating and feeling much better. A very stressful day!
Day of the Baptism. It was so cool to be apart of the baptism and play a role. Once the baptism started, it was smooth sailing, no more rushing around. Elder Meraz and I were dressed in our whites and ready for the baptism. I was super nervous to perform my first baptism, wondering if I was going to mess up or what. I went first and baptized Sis. Driskell. The whole thing went great. After she came out of the water she started swimming around a little bit and saying how goo the water felt, haha. Then Elder Meraz and Bro. Driskell followed. So amazing to be apart of such a big part of somebody's eternity and help them get closer to their Heavenly Father.
As I was thinking about the baptism that night I realized that this makes missionary work awesome! Missionary work is also going "forth bodly (and) nobly" making sure that it is "sounded in every ear". I have made an effort to talk to everyone. On Thursday I stopped Jasper on the street. Jasper was a random guy that we always saw walking on the street playing his guitar. On our way to an appointment I was Jasper, I passed him in the car. The thought of my goal to talk to everyone flashed in my mind. I quickly flipped a U turn and parked the car and we got out and talked to him. He was drunk and he is a big hippy. He didn't understand much but at least we gave him the chance to learn of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope that everyone has a good week.
~Elder Stevens

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