Monday, November 2, 2015


Dear Everyone,
This week was great! On Tuesday we had Elder Martino, from the Quorum of the Seventy and who also spoke in last General Conference come speak to the mission. It was awesome! He got us all fired up to declare the Lords word through out the land. Just like in his conference talk he spoke about praying for answers. He said that "..if we pray to know if something is true, just out of curiosity, then we will never receive an answer, we need a sincere heart, asking with real intent, and being willing to be molded by God." Since being on my mission I've really learned how to fine tune the basics, such as prayer.

On Wednesday night we went over to Eric and Nicole's, we talked about Alma 32 and humility and how it is key in our conversion and gaining faith. At the end we invited him to be baptized... he said Yes!!! We still have yet to set up a date with him, but there is one minor problem... Nicole and Eric aren't married. We either need to get them married or moved into separate places. Hopefully the Spirit can work some magic on him and he will become HUMBLE and choose one of those options! It is looking promising!
On Thursday I got a package from Sister Baxter, my Sunday school teacher back home, It was FULL of candy and letters from her and her classes. It was so cool to get that and to see how she was doing. It's great to know that I am loved.
On Halloween all missionaries had to be in by 6:30 so it was a quick day. We had a District Lunch with some card games. Around 6:00 we picked up Elders Campbell and Harrison to come over and spend the night. We made a fire in the back and slept outside.
The following day, Sunday, we went to church for our normal 6 hours because we cover two wards. Later in the night Bro. Hartley got home with an elk he shot out hunting. We watched him skin it and then helped him hang it from a taller tree... I got only a little blood on me.
Missions are awesome no matter where you go. You learn so much and grow to be the person God wants you to be, as long as you're working hard. Most importantly though you help others grow to become what God wants them to be and It's amazing to be apart of their spiritual growth. Bro. Driskell received the Priesthood this last Sunday, I was able to be apart of his ordination. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can really transform you.
I hope all had a great Halloween. Enjoy your next week.
Love y'all,
~Elder Stevens

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