Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hi Guys,

A lot of stuff was put into motion this week, not much else. After a few weeks of not being able to meet with the Vycitals we we're finally able to get in and meet with them! Bro. Riley was able to come as well, the last time we met with them it was just Elder Castillo and I and we attempted to explain Abraham Chapter 3... It was an interesting experience. This time, with Bro. Rileys help, we were able to explain with a lot more accuracy haha! We were also able to answer a lot of his questions that he finally opened up and asked us. He told us that this one meeting has helped him out more than all the others, that's because he finally stated his concerns, which is something we've been trying to get out of him for quite a while. 

Yesterday was Sis. Driskell's Birthday and we were able to stop by and drop a card and some of her favorite food off for her. We later got a text back from her telling us how thankful she is for us being in her life and for helping her to get into the waters of baptism. A little more background on Sis. Driskell, She is the mother of 6, she raised her kids to be loving to all people, but her Late-Husband, who, about 30 years ago died of cancer, didn't like Mormons too much so it kind of rubbed off on the kids. So since her baptism, and even years before, her kids don't have a good relationship with her. They seem to be very selfish and caught up with the pleasures of the world. So on her birthday none of her kids spent the day with her, although 5/6 of her kids did call her. It is very upsetting to see such a sweet lady go through struggling times with her health, Bro. Driskell's health, and many other trials that are thrown her way. She still manages to stay strong and turns to her Brother, Jesus Christ, for help. That is one thing that I admire about her, that she knows, whenever adversity comes her way, she can turn to the Savior. Not very many people do that but it is so obvious.The song "Jesus Take the Wheel" rings true to me, after all that we can do to overcome tribulation we then rely on our Redeemer to take over. 

As I've said before, I am so thankful for our saviors sacrifice to take on not only our sins but our pains and afflictions as well. I hope that we all can be as Sis. Driskell and turn to Christ when in times of need. 

Have a great week y'all!

~Elder Stevens

P.S. Please pray for Brother and Sister Driskell, that they may find peace.

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