Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey Y'all,

Just your average missionary week. Tom, our "golden investigator" dropped us sadly. We went over to his trailer in the trailer park to sit down and share Lesson 2. After our first knock we heard someone shuffling around in the trailer but they didn't come to the door. We thought that they may have not heard us so we knocked louder the second time and still no one came. We then left. The next day we get a long text from him saying that he doesn't appreciate us coming to his house and banging on the door and that we scared whoever was in there... if someone was in there you'd think they'd come to the door...All we could do was apologize. It happens sometimes I guess, but he does attend a church that is in the area that is pretty Anti- Mormon, so we can't help but wonder if it was all just a set up... It is pretty common here.

On a better note the Driskell's are SO strong in the church now. It is awesome seeing people grow spiritually. They are watching re-runs of general conference and studying everything we give them. Every time I think about how much they are progressing I can't help but smile.

If there is anything that I learned this week is to be sure to always work on your testimony and to make and keep it strong, firm and immovable. My Zone Leader Elder Cain, who is going home this week, has one of the strongest testimonies I've ever heard and ever time I hear him testify I know that the Church is true. As I am working on my testimony, to make it so that I can have that effect on others, my foundation of faith is made steadfast and immovable.

Love y'all.

As always, love,

~Elder Stevens

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