Monday, December 21, 2015


Well it's cold and rainy and sometimes snowy outside and... we're on bikes. It's a lot of fun at the beginning of the day then when you have to bike somewhere 45 min away and it's cold and rainy you start to get tired of it. You also get A LOT more interaction with people. The middle finger seems to be the favorite, haha, but these things shall give me experience!

This week was a little bit different I picked up my Elder Gallano 2 weeks before transfers and before the new missionaries come in. Sis. Winder, our mission presidents wife, is so awesome! She met us at a missionary clothing store so that we could get Elder Gallano a few things, since he wasn't very privileged enough to afford everything. She bought him everything he didn't have, like an extra suit, some ties, a couple sweaters, and a big rain coat. She is so sweet. We also drove (while we still had the car) Elder Castillo all over our mission so that he could say goodbye to some families and friends. We then dropped him off at the mission office in Boise on Wednesday. So now it's just Elder Gallano and I.

Funny Stories about Elder Gallano and not being "Americanized" yet. We were at the Greenhill Ward Christmas party, and they had rolls with butter, but this butter was the individually wrapped cubes and he ate it thinking it was chocolate, I couldn't stop laughing. He said after that, he will never eat butter again haha. He also asked me if the water in the bathroom faucet was clean. But with the English he does know he is a great missionary, it is a lot of fun to teach with him. We get to do language study in the mornings and it's even helping me out haha.

We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Jennifer, she was a referral from our Zone Leaders. We went at taught the restoration and had a good conversation, she told us that she just wants to talk to us to learn, but I asked her one thing, I said "If we ask you to pray or read the Book of Mormon with real intent will you do it?" She said yes. So she prayed to know if what we taught her is true. We have yet to go back and see how it went, Can't wait to find out!

Merry Christmas everyone! Don't forget our Savior, and his sacrifice for us, during this wonderful season.
~Elder Stevens

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