Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Man time flies! Already February!? Time truly flies when you're having fun. We have had an awesome week! We received so many promising referrals this week. We also finished up the mini MTC for the 3rd ward, it was a cool experience for them! And another baptismal date! 

In a short summary, the mini MTC, consisted of 2 weeks and 3 days of meeting with the youth, 2 Wednesday's and 1 Sunday. The first Wednesday all the missionaries in the district taught the first lesson to the youth who were separated in their own "districts". The following Wednesday they went out to different "investigators" but really just members acting. After they all returned, Bro. Riley (our Ward Mission Leader) asked them how it went. They all really enjoyed it, a lot of them said because of this experience they are now going to serve a mission. So I'd say it went well. Then the following Sunday they had a testimony meeting in third hour with them and the Spirit was super strong!

Sergio Espinoza, was a referral given to us, in December before Christmas, by one of his friends who had been taking him to church in Boise. His friend texted us telling us that he lived in our area and that it's time he meet missionaries and attends the ward he lives in. Right after we got the text we called Sergio, he told us he had family in town for the holidays and that he'd give us a call back after they left. I thought to myself, oh we will never hear from him again, I lacked faith! To my surprise, he called us on the 21st. He said, "I'm not sure how y'all go about doing this but if we could meet Tuesday's and Thursdays, what time works for y'all?" Since then we have met with Sergio twice, Once on Tuesday and then another on Thursday. Thursday, we set a baptismal date with him. He said July 30th, he wants to finish the Book of Mormon first, usually when people say that they want to just stall but not with Sergio. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon already! He knows the church is true, he knows it's all true. I could probably go my entire mission without baptizing anyone else if I could baptize Sergio. He is awesome! 

We had a missionary worldwide broadcast where some general authorities spoke to us and gave us some training. One thing that stuck out to me the most was what Elder Bednar said. He told us that as missionaries we have the power to bring the message of the restored gospel unto the hearts of our investigators but the Holy Ghost has the power of bringing it into their hearts. This taught me two things. First, I must always be doing what is right so that I can always have the Spirit with me, as we should all be. Second, that I need to do all that I can do to bring the message as close as possible to their heart. In order for me to do this I need to gain knowledge. Knowledge is very important in our lives, we use it everyday! Jesus Christ had a perfect knowledge of the gospel, which is why he was the greatest missionary ever. As a representative of Jesus Christ I need to become. 

I hope y'all all have a great week. 
~Elder Stevens
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