Monday, February 15, 2016


Well, I've made it to 6 months! I got to burn a tie, it's a missionary ritual. At 6 months you burn a tie, at a year you burn a shirts, at a year and a half you burn a pair of slacks, and at 2 you burn a suit. Time really flies. For these past 6 months I have been in the same, awesome area! There is much that has happened in these last 6 months here and there is much to come this transfer. 

This last Saturday, Jun Jun Wang, our 10 year old investigator, was baptized. Setting up for a baptism is pretty stressful haha, especially if you are doing it by yourself. I've had to do it twice now, first, with the Driskell's because it was the first week of my first transfer with Elder Castillo and he didn't know what to do, and now with the Jun Jun's because Elder Gallano isn't quite there yet to do things like this in English. It is so stressful because there are a bunch of tedious things you have to make sure that get done and you are the one setting up this special day for them, I mean it's the day they enter into the path of eternal life with their Father in Heaven! Also because President Winder, our mission president, was going to be there haha. Once the baptismal service began, I was completely at peace and everything went smoothly. We were able to get Jesse Vycital to attend the baptism, the investigator we have been working with ever since I've been here. After the baptism he talked to one of the members of our ward, Brother Blakeslee. They just chatted about the baptism, what Jesse thought about it, and the spirit that was there, and then Bro. Blakeslee said, "I hope I will have the opportunity to attend your baptism." and Jesse replied, "Well, I don't think you will have to wait that much longer." After I heard that I could not stop smiling! During the service, I glanced at Jesse a few times and I could tell the Spirit was working on him. Again, conversion is all due to the presence of the Spirit. We have an appointment with Jesse this Wednesday and we will see what more of his thoughts are. The following day, Sunday, Jun Jun was given the Holy Ghost and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Elder Gallano and I were able to be apart of the brethren who laid their hands on Jun Jun's head. Such cool experience to see. It gets me every time. 

The spirit that is felt at a baptism is one that you can refuse to feel. If you want to feel happy, go to a baptism. I'm thankful for our Savior's example that he set for us to be baptized, Christ said he did it because it was "to fulfill all righteousness". We all need to follow the example Jesus Christ set for us and be baptized. And if we are baptized to do what is left, which is to press forward with faith, always repent because no one is perfect, rely on our constant companion the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the end. 

I love you all. I hope y'all had a great Valentines day, and have a great President's day.
~Elder Stevens

Jun Jun's Baptism

Walking at night.

My burning tie. 6 month tradition.

We took these because we thought it would make our mission look unique. haha

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